FLARIS is undergoing flight tests

maj 16, 2019

Flight tests of the world’s fastest and cheapest passenger jet FLARIS LAR1 are under way. To date, FLARIS has already completed 42 takeoff and landing phases at the Zielona Góra Babimost airport (EPZG) and made two one-hour flights.

During the flight tests carried out on April 30, the plane recorded an incredibly high climb speed of over 40 m/s.

– Such properties can take the flight to FL250 (7,620 meters) in just three minutes after take-off, thus shortening the time when the aircraft is in difficult conditions, e.g. icing conditions – explains Rafał Ładziński, the Head of the Flaris Program.

Currently, the FFAS® computers are collecting data about the properties of the aircraft and the Williams FJ33-5A engine (which powers Flaris) in order to develop the optimal operating conditions for devices in all phases of the aircraft’s flight.

Flaris is a modern means of personal transport, a business and family jet for anyone who appreciates flexibility and time-efficient travel.  It belongs to a new category of small and economic High Speed Personal Jets HPJ® and can take-off and land on short grass airports.  It flies at a speed of 770km/h TAS at FL250, 7600m. The expected range of the aircraft is over 3000km.

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