Another FLARIS will soar the skies

maj 20, 2019

In a few months, another Flaris model – the FLARIS LAR1 MALE, will be ready for flight tests.  It will be additionally equipped with FFAS® technology which will interact with an autopilot made by the American company GENESYS AEROSYSTEMS in order to develop new quality of flight control.

The economically unrivaled single-engine Polish jet FLARIS LAR1 has already performed 42 take-off and landing phases and has made two one-hour flights. The test flights are currently testing the aircraft’s performance, its control systems and the proprietary FFAS® on-board computers, whose future task is to assist the pilot.

– Our goal is to make Flaris ready to function as an optionally piloted aircraft OPV, with the pilot merely monitoring on-board devices – explains Rafał Ładziński, Head of the Flaris Program. – Of course, we made sure that our jet is naturally safe. We want the plane to buffet clearly to warn the pilot that it is approaching stalling speed and the potential stall to be safe-gentle with the nose pointing down. We don’t want the safety of flight to be determined only by electronics.

FLARIS LAR1 is an aircraft with a hybrid, durable composite-metal airframe structure. It has exceptionally short takeoff and landing requirements (below 120m). It can take-off and land on flying club airports. Apart from its glider-like properties, the plane is equipped with an innovative emergency system for the entire aircraft and for the crew and with airbags, thus setting new safety standards for travel.

– We want FLARIS to be easy to fly by inexperienced pilots with a private pilot license, which is why we made sure the aircraft is safe – explains Rafał Ładziński, the Head of the Flaris Program. – In the coming weeks we will publish photos and videos of the first tests of the safety system – he adds.

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