FLARIS LAR 1 in Montreal

wrz 26, 2013

The FLARIS LAR 1 model will be permanently on display in the main office of the International Civil Aviation Organization Council (ICAO) – the most important aviation organization in the world.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was created in 1944 under the Convention on International Civil Aviation and is responsible for preparing and implementing international regulations pertaining to aviation safety and economy.

The meeting in Montreal during the 38th ICAO Assembly was accompanied by events and presentations organized by international delegates. Among the Polish delegates were the originators and manufacturers of FLARIS LAR 1, one of the world’s most innovative business jet, Sylwia and Rafał Ładzińscy, who presented the model of the plane.

– After the French premiere at Paris Air Show, this is the second presentation of our jet to an international audience. It is a great honor to be invited to Montreal and FLARIS again has sparked many positive feedback and most importantly, it was from people representing the aviation sector – says Rafał Ładziński, the co-engineer of the FLARIS plane.

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