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This privacy policy pertains to websites hosted under the domain names flaris.pl and flaris.com, which are owned and maintained by and on behalf of Sylwia Ładzińska, whose company is registered under the name Sylwia Ładzińska Metal Master ul. Nowa 4, 58-562 Podgórzyn.

The websites flaris.pl and flaris.com protect personal data of all users and respects their privacy. Therefore the website can be visited without the need to disclose personal information, excluding the newsletter option. Each person who wishes to receive the Newsletter agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy.

In order to receive the free Newsletter from the websites www.flaris.pl and www.flaris.com (use of the newsletter is free of charge) users submit appropriate date in the subscription form, which are automatically added to the mailing list. Submission of such date is always voluntary.

By subscribing to out Newsletter the user agrees to receive electronic correspondence (mailings) from the administrators of www.flaris.pl and www.flaris.com

Mailiings are sent autoamtically to many users at the same time.


  1. Collecting od Data 

    E-mail addresses are stored in the website’s protected database. Access to web pages is also protected. Each user of the Newsletter system has the right, at any given moment, to edit or remove his data, thereby unsubscribing from our mailing list. In order to do this, the user simply clicks on the unsubscribe link which is located in the footer of each e-mail message – in such an event, the e-mail address is automatically deleted form the database. In the case of technical problems, users can request to have their e-mail address removed manually by writing to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. In order to change user information, the user must send such a request via e-mail to the e-mail address [email protected].

  2. Use of Data 

    Data of users who subscribed to the Newsletter services provided by the websites www.flaris.pl and www.flaris.com is used only for the purpose of sending information about the website, the FLARIS LAR 1 project and activities undertaken by its manufacturer, including fairs, aviation events during which the FLARIS LAR 1 plane is on display, other events, contest, etc. in the form of an e-mail message – approximately once per month.If a user violates the Privacy Policy of the FLARIS LAR 1 website or violates the law or if it is deemed necessary by the law, user information may be made accessible to other bodies of the government or local government, especially to judicial authorities.

  3. Links to other websites

    The FLARIS Newsletter may display links to other websites, which are included for the user’s convenience and information. The administrator of www.flaris.pl and www.flaris.com websites shall not be held responsible for information and privacy policy related to such links.
  4. Changes to the Privacy Policy The administrator of www.flaris.pl and www.flaris.com websites reserves the right to modify this  Privacy Policy. New Privacy Policy shall bind the users from the date of its publication under the domain names www.flaris.pl and www.flaris.com.
  5. Cookies

    The website may use cookies, which enable users to access the site’s resources.Cookies do not store personal data of users. Cookies store useful information and are stored on the user’s computer – the server which hosts www.flaris.pl and www.flaris.com websites may access these files after reconnecting with the user’s computer. Cookies are small text files, which are remembered by the browser and stored on your computer in order to enhance the speed and comfort of browsing the website.At any time the user may changes the cookie settings and decide on how they are stored and how cookies access the user’s computer by changing the settings of their internet browser.Disabling cookies in the browser does not prevent users from accessing the contents of the website but it may limit some the features.

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© 2018 Flaris. All rights reserved.