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 Frequently Asked Questions

Price and payment

We are planning to start accepting pre-orders for planes from the end 2024. By that time we will have decided on the payment scheme and the price of the plane.

First deliveries

As the so-called “special” / “experimental” aircraft, the first deliveries are planned in early 2025. We are planning to manufacture EASA CS 23 certified aircraft after 2026.

Flight certification

5The first FLARIS LAR 1 jets will be delivered as experimental aircraft:

POLAND – we expect the plane to obtain the airworthiness certificate in the special S1 category in 2025. The next stage will involve obtaining the EASA CS 23 certification (after 2023).

EUROPE – the first deliveries of experimental aircraft will depend on the demand and restrictions in a given country.

AMERICA – The first Flaris jet will also be delivered in the experimental category. Of course, we are aiming for FAR 23 certification.

ASIA and other regions – aircraft deliveries will depend on local demand, certification requirements and contracts.

Flight restrictions for experimental A/C.

The first Flaris jets will be delivered in the experimental category, which means that some restrictions will apply depending on the country of registration. This includes restricted access to airspace, but it should not difficult to obtain permission for flights within the controlled airspace of individual countries.


We are currently performing calculations. We are planning to establish maintenance facilities in and outside of Europe.

Trailer transportation

The plane can be transported on a trailer after detaching its wings and tail. According to our engineers, this can be done in about 20 minutes.


You can read about the aircraft’s general performance on our website. Before publishing any detailed information we would like to wait for test flights . We are considering the possibility of using different engines, which will also influence the aircraft’s performance.

Optional equipment - avionics

We are still working on the list. The final version will be ready in the nearest future. Some features, such as the 3-axis autopilot, will be included in the standard equipment list, whereas others will be available as an option.

Optional equipment - cabin interior

We are prepared to customize the cabin interior to meet the needs of our customers, however the customization possibilities are limited by the space available, plane characteristics, and feasibility of ideas.

Do you have a brochure on cockpit procedures for FLARIS?

It is still too early for that. Flaris has not had its first flight, so the exact procedures have not been established yet. We will soon publish a newsletter for future pilots and users. The newsletter will be updated as the work progresses.

Can the plane operate under IFR?

The aircraft is equipped with the state-of-the-art Garmin 620 navigation system, which includes the ILS system used for ILS and other non-precision approaches. The aircraft will be IFR certified.

Would it be possible to use aircraft as an airtaxi or for chartered flights?

No. As a single engine aircraft it will not be certified for use as a commuter aircraft under the current legislation. It will, however, be suitable for private use, company use, corporate transportation, leasing, partial ownership etc.

I would like to know if the weight of the plane complies with the ultralight legislation?

No, the planned MTOW is 1500Kg (approx. 3300lb).

Is it possible to visit your factory?

We do appreciate your interest, but we will not be able to invite visitors until our sales office has opened.

Will it be possible to witness the first flight?

We plan to hold a public demonstration flight.