Flaris will participate in Aeromixer 2021

wrz 20, 2021

Metal Master, the manufacturer of Flaris Lar 1, will participate in this year’s Civil & Military Aeromixer 2021 – the second edition of the aerospace industry meeting in Wroclaw. The model of the most economical business passenger aircraft in the world already received significant interest when it was exhibited during the first edition of this event. This time it will be on display on September 21 at the Conference and Event Center at the Wroclaw Stadium.  


For the aerospace industry, the Civil & Military Aeromixer is the key networking and scientific event based on a B2B formula. This allows participants to maximize information sharing and business networking.


 – The topics discussed at the event will include issues related to rebuilding the health of the aerospace industry and its prospects. Paradoxically, the crisis brought by the pandemic may prove to be invigorating for many companies – the coming years will offer opportunities for creating and implementing innovations, and for exploring new, promising partnerships. “The Aeromixer 2021 will be an excellent occasion to establish such relationships,” explains Petr Tomášek, Eng., the executive manager at the Moravian Aerospace Cluster, who is the organizer of the event (quote by wroclaw.pl).

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