Flaris took part in Aeromixer 2021

wrz 22, 2021

Metal Master, the manufacturer of Flaris Lar 1, took part in this year’s Civil & Military Aeromixer 2021 – the second edition of the aerospace industry meeting in Wroclaw, where aviation innovations were presented on September 21st this year in the Conference and Event Centre at the Wrocław Stadium. Among those who saw Flaris was the Consul General of the United States, Dr. Patric T. Slowinski.


Video coverage of the event, which includes an interview with Rafał Ładziński (Flaris Program Director) and a film about Flaris was broadcast by Echo24 TV and is available here :  



– It’s the world’s smallest business jet. It is characterized by very low fuel consumption compared to other aircraft currently in operation on the market and has a takeoff run of only 150 meters. This allows us to reach the service ceiling after 4 minutes – said Rafał Ładziński during his presentation of the most economical business aircraft in the world. – I wanted to create a plane which could take off and land on small airports so that the pilots who own it could use it.  Our intention was to create an aircraft for a crew of 4-5 people, because statistically 80% of business flights comprise a crew of four to five people.  


For the aerospace industry, the Civil & Military Aeromixer is the key networking and scientific event based on a B2B formula. This allows participants to maximize information sharing and business networking.

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