The testing has confirmed: FLARIS LAR1 is the fastest single-engine business jet in the world!

mar 17, 2021

FLARIS LAR1 went through another part of flight-testing. The tests were performed using a LAR1 aircraft unit no. 007 with a take-off mass of 1700 kilograms.

During the recent 30-hour long part of flight-testing, the aircraft’s static stability and maneuverability were examined at a true airspeed of 470km/h (250kts) TAS at an altitude of 3050 meters (10000 feet) MSL.


The aircraft’s exceptional performance and technical parameters were confirmed and turned out to be unachievable for light LJ/VLJ jets or business turboprops.


The tests have shown the following:


  • The required length of the runway for take-off is five times shorter than the average required length of runway for the take-off of LJ and VLJ aircraft and is equal to merely 200 meters (650 feet).


  • The rate of climb is equal to 1800 meters per minute (6000 feet per minute), which is unprecedented among light business jets. Such rate of climb is comparable to that of combat-trainer aircraft, being fifty-percent higher than the average for twin-engine light jets (LJ) and three to four times higher than the average for very light jets (VLJ) – both single and twin-engine. The purchase cost of twin-engine light jets starts from 10mln $, and the purchase cost of very light jets ranges between 2.8 and 6 mln $.


  • The landing roll is merely 180 meters (600 feet). For comparison, the landing roll of LJ and VLJ aircraft ranges between 600 and 1100 meters.


  • Remarkably low fuel consumption – below 120 liters per flight-hour (33 gallons per flight-hour) at a true airspeed of 470 kilometers per hour (250 knots) TAS. The fuel consumption is equal to a third of the average fuel consumption of VLJ aircraft and fifty percent lower than what single-engine business turboprop aircraft are able to achieve.
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