METAL-MASTER Company started tests of innovative FLARIS RESCUE SYSTEM®

lip 26, 2019

FLARIS RESCUE SYSTEM® has been designed by engineers of Metal-Master. It consists of the following systems:

• parachute safety system for the whole aircraft

• air-bag safety system for the whole aircraft

The FFAS® Rescue System is designed to assure safety for pilot and passengers of the aircraft in the case of emergency. The plane will drop gently on the parachute and air-bags will protect the fuselage in a moment of contact with ground or water avoiding a damage. Actually, all elements and subsystems, such as control mechanisms, parachute housing in the aft fuselage, small rocket deploying the canopy, are tested.

The FFAS® Rescue System has been successfully integrated with the Flaris Flight Assistance System  (FFAS®) , which is the Metal-Master avionics system responsible for navigation, flight control, autopilot, weather and situation awareness, works with the ECU and WILLIAMS FJ33-5A engine.

The video from tests:

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