Gregg Williams watched FLARIS fly again

maj 30, 2019

Gregg Williams, the manufacturer of the engine for the smallest and most economical passenger jet Flaris Lar 1, participated in the next stage of flight tests, which took place on May 22nd and 23rd at the Babimost airport in Zielona Gora.

The plane performed a number of several-minute-long flights and two one-hour-long flights designed to test the maneuvering characteristics of the plane.


 We are very pleased with our progress. Further tests have confirmed the plane’s exceptional properties, which include its short take off run (200 m), very high climb rate (over 6000 fpm ), low stall speed (53kts), and short landing run (200m) – says the initiator of Flaris Rafał Ładziński, in praise of the plane.

The ECU engine control computer developed by engineers from Williams International interacted with aircraft computers, including the proprietary FFAS®, which is designed to minimize the activities performed by the pilot during all phases of the flight and to monitor the subsystems.

– The Williams FJ33-5A engine with a static thrust of 8,2kN worked perfectly – admits Rafał Ładziński.

We would like to thank Gregg Williams and the entire Williams lnternational team for their cooperation in developing the breakthrough structure of the innovative FLARIS LAR 1 business jet.

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