FLARIS will take off from Zielona Gora

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FLARIS LAR 1 was transported to the Zielona Gora Babimost Airport.

The engineering crew of Metal-Master, the plane manufacturer, once again performed weighing and levelling of the aircraft and tested its control system.

Under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Authority tests were carried out on the Williams International FJ33-5A engine, which was equipped with a new generation ECU engine controller developed and produced by the engineers of Williams Int.

The ECU is a fully digital, electronic engine control unit that controls all engine parameters and drive components, including the fuel control unit FCU. The ECU optimizes fuel consumption and offers precise monitoring of the engine thrust. The ECU interacts with the FFAS (FLARIS FLIGHT ASSITANCE SYSTEM),a proprietary on-board computer developed by engineers from Metal-Master – the plane manufacturer.

FFAS is responsible for controlling and monitoring the technical condition of all devices installed on the aircraft. FFAS is equipped with a very fast processor. The laboratory is testing its ability to assist the pilot in each critical phase of the flight so that FLARIS LAR1 can serve as an optionally piloted aircraft in the near future.

The objective of the designers of the FLARIS LAR 1 aircraft is to make flying simple enough so that the plane can be approved for use by pilots with a private license.

According to the manufacturer’s representatives, Flaris’s first flight will take place in the coming weeks.

– We would like to thank the management of the Zielona Gora Airport for letting us carry out flights tests of the plane on their airport and for a friendly atmosphere and assistance – says Rafał Ładziński, the originator and manufacturer of the jet.


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