Deputy Prime Minister visits FLARIS factory

gru 9, 2016

Today the Polish Deputy Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, visited the factory of Metal Master, the manufacturer of very lightweight Flaris jets. Mr. Morawiecki inspected the jets with great interest.

Earlier this year, in September, during the International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, he showed great interest in the aircraft. During today’s meeting he spoke with Rafał Ładziński, the founder and producer of Flaris, about the possibilities of promoting and exporting innovative Flaris planes.

The Deputy Prime Minister was especially impressed by the fact that FLARIS is based on an entirely original concept, design and technology of the Polish family-run company Metal-Master.

The Deputy Prime Minister noticed the lightweight structure, unprecedented lift-to-drag ratio – glider-like properties that ensure the ease of flying and offer the possibility of a safe landing in unconventional areas in emergencies. He was in awe of the attention to technical details and the level of miniaturization of aircraft systems produced in Podgórzyn.

The Deputy Prime Minister not only praised the outstanding performance of the aircraft, such as the very short take-off and landing requirements (250 m of unpaved grass runways), but was also surprised by the new standards of flight safety introduced by FLARIS engineers.

The presentation during the meeting also featured an innovative and patented parachute safety system, which ensures safe emergency landing, as well as an automatic take-off and landing system that is being developed in collaboration with an American manufacturer specializing in new-generation digital autopilots.

The Deputy Prime Minister was also informed about the possibility to use Flaris aircraft for civil transport and the opportunities for special applications including search and rescue, border monitoring or military applications due to its modular design, lifting capacity and jet properties.


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