The Williams FJ33-5A engine will propel FLARIS

cze 17, 2015

On the 16th of June 2015, which was the second day of the 51. International Paris Air Show, the FLARIS stand was visited by Greg Williams – the owner and President of Williams International, and Matt Huff – the Vice President, Business Development of Williams International. They signed a contract with us for the supply of next-generation FJ33-5A engines, which are adapted for use in FLARIS LAR 1 planes.

Williams International have developed a new generation of turbofan engines with a thrust of 8.2kN, which enables FLARIS LAR 1 jets to have high performance. FJ33-5A is the younger brother of the FJ44 engine (it is a scaled-down version of the FJ44 class). The FJ44 engines have logged 10 million hours in flight without failure, which is why their manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for these engines. The Williams FJ33-5A engine will propel Flaris.

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