Manufacturer of FLARIS is Ambassador of Entrepreneurship 2014

wrz 19, 2014

Sylwia Ładzińska, the co-originator of the idea to create the FLARIS LAR 1 jet and also its manufacturer, was nominated for the title of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassador in Poland. The title was awarded by Urszula Ciołeszyńska  (in the photo), the president of the Embassy for Women Entrepreneurship Foundation during the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ceremony in Warsaw on September 19th, 2014.

Certificates for Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors are awarded once a year to women who successfully run their own business and engage in non-business social activities. Entrepreneurial ambassadors support and inspire others to start their own companies. Nominations are made by the Embassy for Women Entrepreneurship Foundation in cooperation with the National Board of the Polish Economic Society’s Entrepreneurs in Warsaw and Experts Club. The Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors is based on the European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors.

Sylwia Ładzińska (in the photo) was recognized, among others, for her involvement  in the popularization of entrepreneurship among women. In May of 2014 she participated in a meeting regarding professional activation of women around the world, which was also attended by the First Lady of the Republic of Poland Anna Komorowska (in the photo) and by Her Royal Highness Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (in the photo) during the official visit of the Luxembourg Royal Couple to Poland. Sylwia Ładzińska shared her experience and thoughts on such issues as parities, financial support for women, or the position of women in business. The meeting was also attended by two other women who run their own businesses and by the Secretary of State, Olgierd Dziekoński.

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