FLARIS completes resonance tests

sie 7, 2014

We have completed resonance tests of the FLARIS LAR 1 jet, which were conducted in the main office of Metal-Master in Podgórzyn. The best Polish experts from the Aviation Institute in Warsaw tested the aircraft using portable testing equipment, including PRODERA exciters and the LMS measurement system.

After consulting the Civil Aviation Office, we decided to perform the resonance tests before the aircraft’s first flight. This decision was based on the very high cruise speed of the jet, i.e. 700 km/h, its low takeoff weight, glider-like properties and its unusual airframe configuration.

In cooperation with scientists from the Institute of Aviation (ILOT) we modified our static load testing facility to perform resonance tests, which were carried out on the complete plane with a retracted landing gear, but without fuel (due to safety considerations). We suspended the plane on two hoists, equipped with special rubber slings.

The tests results were gathered by ILOT’s calculation specialists, who will use them to calculate critical speeds and flatter mode shapes (aeroelastic characteristics) of the FLARIS LAR 1 plane.

– Owing to the immense experience of the scientists from the Aviation Institute, the tests went very smoothly – commented Rafał Ładziński, the head of Research and Development.

We are looking forward to the test report.

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