FLARIS manufacturers and flight safety

lis 8, 2013

The manufacturers of the FLARIS LAR 1 jet, Sylwia and Rafał Ładzińscy took part in an international conference on air and space law, which was held in Gdańsk.

The debate started with a presentation of a few contemporary challenges that aviation is facing. The talk focused mainly on passenger planes, intercontinental flights and the matter of legal responsibility. A separate session was devoted to the issue of passengers rights on airlines and safety.

Representatives of airlines pointed out the need to interact more closely with the aviation industry – both the manufacturers and plane operators. Cooperation with the aviation industry should also define the future research and development tasks that would meet the planned legal regulations in this sector. This is especially important for flight safety.

The „Gdansk International Air & Space Law Conference – Poland on the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization”, which took place on 14-15 November 2013, was attended by over 100 experts in air and space law and representatives of organizations and aviation authorities from all over the world, including, among others, Nancy Graham, the director of ICAO’s Air Navigation Bureau, Catalin Radu – President of the European Civil Aviation Conference, (ECAC) and Frank Brenner – Director General of EUROCONTROL.

The meeting was organized by the Polish Civil Aviation Office and Polish representatives of the ICAO organization, whose Council, now also includes Poland, which was elected as a member for the first time in history this year.

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